A history of cycling

I like cycling. I cycle to work every day. I cycle home from work most days, except when I’m at that stage of drinking when I’m drunk enough not to be safe on two wheels, but sober enough to realise. I enjoy not talking the tube, getting places in my own sweet time, and getting a bit of exercise. My cycling commute has gone in several stages. These are:

1. Stoke Newington – Holborn: cycling to uni because I couldn’t afford the bus.
2. Herne Hill – King’s Cross: cycling to work. Sadly this was one time only as I got lost, stopped by the police and then got a flat tyre on the way home and had to push my bike the last 3 miles.
3. Herne Hill – Vauxhall: cycling to work. This was super easy and about 4 times quicker than taking public transport. Probably the best commute ever.
4. Dulwich – Old Street: current cycle to work. This journey incorporates 4 of the most dangerous junctions in London and involves going through Bank, home of the angry pedestrian.

This is the bike I currently use:

I have recently bought a road bike, and will be posting more about it soon…


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