Two months post-break…

Two months after breaking my elbow, and I’m very definitely cycling again.

My first time on a bike post-accident was in Morocco. “Team Velo” hired four of the worst bikes known to man, and rode about the city. Part of the rim disintegrated while I was riding and got lodged in my brakes. It wasn’t a big deal, neither the brakes nor the gears worked anyway.

I bought a new bike. She is called Ivy, thanks to her christmassy paint job. She did have a sticker but I had to take it off as it was very offensive.

The six weeks I wasn’t riding saw some lovely weather. Sunshine, bright skies, and I was stuck on a bus. The six weeks since starting to ride again have included the wettest April on record. I am perpetually soaked. It’s three pairs of socks a day kind of weather.

I’ve done very few long rides. I went out to Kent, got as far as Gravesend, thought to myself “what a shithole”, and came back.

I’ve done a few very drunken rides. Two that I actually don’t recall, except that I found myself riding around in circles in Peckham bus station (Peckham bus station is not on my way home). Another that was fine at the time, but left me with a hangover so bad that I toppled off the bike the next day. I’m going to do more sober cycling.

Having a broken elbow has actually helped my riding, as I’m more conscious of my arm positioning, on my road bike at least. Then again, when I had my bike fitting, the man pointed to the life-size poster of Eddy Merkx he had on the wall and said “you just need to look like that”. I’m not quite there yet.

There’s six weeks to go before Nightrider and I’ve done very little to prepare. Any sponsorship monies very gratefully received!


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