3 days to go!

Where has time gone? Nightrider 2012 has really snuck up on me!

There are only a few days before the the ride, and preparations are not quite where they should be. Have I cleaned and checked my bike? Hmm, no. Have I put the number and instructions the organisers sent me in a safe place? Again, no. Have I thought about how I’m going to get out of wearing the hi-viz vest the organisers seem to be saying we have to wear? No (but I will).

So at 23.45 on Saturday night, my brother and I will be setting out from Crystal Palace. Possibly with jelly babies. Ideally not wearing hi-viz. We’re planning to spend the afternoon carb loading and having naps, so will probably be in the pub from 2pm before rolling up College Road to the start of the ride (only kidding, we’re taking this seriously).

The weather forecast for Saturday is for rain in the night, ie. when we’re riding. Think about that when you’re tucked up warm in bed…

The link to my fundraising page is www.justgiving.com/lamb-on-a-bike and J’s is www.justgiving.com/cavalieredellanotte. See if you can spot any similarities between the pages, and please give generously!


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