Frinton-on-Sea fast stats

We wanted to go to the seaside, and we kind of made it.

Number of riders: 5 (me, Matt, Rich, Oli and Pete)
Distance: 85.2 miles (from my house… so the actual ride was about 78 miles)
Average speed: 14.9 mph
Wee stops: at least 5, thanks to Rich having a bladder like a walnut
Envious looks given to Matt’s batmobile: countless
Most inappropriate rider of the batmobile: Oli
Videos made of us riding through a ford: 1
Unsavoury stories told by the side of the road: endless
Olympic teams seen: 1 (Italian)
Number of pubs: 2, only one of which we were allowed into
Kestrels: 1
Hailstorms: 1
Torrential rain: too much
Destination reached: negative, we bailed at Clacton (a couple of miles from Frinton) due to the weather
Swimming in the sea: none (see “torrential rain” above)
Clever person who brought spare dry socks for the train: only one

It was a fun day out despite the occasionally horrendous weather.


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