Entering the (carpal) tunnel of doom

This week was the biggest week in sport since the Olympics finished last week – my work softball team played in the final of the charity league! Here we are:


On Saturday I went to Cambridge. It was very hot!! I drank 1.5 litres of water, a cup of tea, a can of fanta, a can of lilt and a bottle of tango but I didn’t need a wee until Sunday morning: worrying. It was a relatively uneventful cycle, and while the route wasn’t totally unpleasant, it wasn’t great – the first 15 miles were the A10, there was a boring A/B road drag up to Stanstead Abbotts and it was reallyfuckinghot. I lay under a tree for a while and a triathlete came over to chat to me and point out that I needed more ventilation in my helmet. I saw some fowl just outside Fowlmere. My right wrist hurt a lot and I kept getting pins and needles.

When I arrived in Cambridge I made some calls but no one was around, so I went home. Or I tried anyway. There was a suicide on the line so the 45 minute journey took over 3 hours. Should’ve ridden back.


On Sunday, Stu, Bernie and I went to Box Hill, via some other hills. It was nice to have someone lead the way! My wrist pain continued and we kept having to stop as I couldn’t feel my fingers and so therefore couldn’t brake. Scary. Luckily Bernie has done a sports physio course and was able to prod my wrist back into some sort of working order.


Box Hill is funny because it’s overrun with cyclists but has a few people who’ve driven up there and are massively surprised at all the sweaty lycra-clad cyclists. There is also still lots of writing on the road from the Olympic road race, stuff like “Go Cav!”, “Cav for PM” and “Allez Wiggo!”. While we were there, there was a massive thunderstorm. Luckily this happened while we were drinking tea and eating cake. Good cake at the Box Hill cafe!!

When we got back to London we drank tea and fixed my troublesome front mech, then Stu took Mental Red out for a ride – check out the geometry on that!!


I’m off to the doctor’s about my wrist…


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