How to spend a weekend on a bike without actually doing much riding

imageThis weekend has been quite bike centric, despite the fact that I haven’t actually done very much riding.

On Saturday and Sunday it was the London Open bike polo tournament. I went on the Sunday (just as well, it totally chucked it down on Saturday) and it was lots of fun. I basically became a photographers assistant and helped to take loads of photos of polo players. The photographer kept telling people that he’d set up the lighting to suit hairy polo players, which was a bit disconcerting as he’d used me to set it all up… The photos started off reasonably sedate but by about 1pm there were no photos not involving a beer of some sort.

Polo is loads of fun and I can pretty much guarantee that I would never be able to do it. But it was great to watch, and there were lots of people that I knew milling about, so it was a very fun way to spend a few hours.

Afterward I went down to Herne Hill, to watch the keirin. I didn’t get there until 3 (it started at midday) so I missed quite a lot, but it was still awesome. I really, really want to try track cycling. My brother and I arranged to go ages ago but then it rained every weekend, and it looks like I won’t get to do it at all this year. Still, other people with more commitment were racing. A friend was in the final, he was very impressive. Rollapaluza had some bikes there and I got convinced to have a go. “I’ll let you win,” said my friend. Did he fuck. Here’s me on the rollers:


It was good to spend time at the velodrome and equally good to see lots of my friends. Afterwards we went to the pub and got some training in for next month’s Guinness ride.

I rounded off the weekend by watching The Cycle Show, which is a bit shit really. There was a feature about someone going to buy a bike through their Cycle to Work scheme and there was lots of stuff about mountain biking that I kind of glossed over. The Cycle to Work scheme bit seemed particularly pointless, surely it’s not that hard to figure out how it works? There was a couple on it, and the woman appeared to choose her bike based on colour (aaargh!) and then implied she was going to spend £500 on “accessories”. Fuck. I have a lot of cycling stuff but I’m not sure I’ve spent £500. I think the most expensive thing I’ve bought that isn’t a bike/component is my d-lock, and even that I regret as the lock mechanism is dodgy, there’s a crack in it and it weighs a ton. I get the impression that she was going to spend all that money on fugly pink waterproof jackets, and then never ride in the winter. But that might just be me being mean as I was feeling a bit confused about life, feeling grumpy about the pins and needles in my hand (which I now get even when I’m not doing anything) and slowly filling with rage due to the massive generator running outside my house.

Need to a) get myself to physiotherapy, b) ride my bike more, and c) find a way of switching off that infernal generator.


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