My wrist

Things are a bit gloomy on the wrist front. I’m now seeing a physiotherapist and they have confirmed that I do indeed have carpal tunnel syndrome, and have muscle wastage in my hand, which implies that it’s quite severe and that action is needed PDQ. It’s all down to the fact that I have silly double jointed arms.
Muscle wastage? It sounds scary. I don’t like it.

The plan of action is that I sleep with a wrist support on, try not to curl up my arms and just try to get through the next few weeks. It’s getting worse and worse while riding, though. I get pins and needles using flat handlebars too, now, which I didn’t have before. And on my road bike it’s completely mental. I freaked out last weekend and now I’m a bit too scared to get back on my bike. Not great, as I’m off to Italy in 2 weeks.

When I get back from Italy, I’m having a steroid injection into my wrist, and then have to stay off the bike for 2 weeks. That’s going to be tough.

It all feels very surreal. Why can’t things just be simple for a while?


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