I find riding my bike really chills me out…

Fair weather cyclists! It’s winter now! Put your bikes away and stop wobbling about. Come on guys, it chucked it down on Monday, you don’t need to ride through this!

The Olympics lulled me into a false sense of security and I thought that cycling in London wasn’t that bad. I WAS WRONG. Today, a fairly standard morning in terms of commuting, the following happened:

  • A woman rode into the back of me, while I was stationary at a red light
  • Some chump nearly pushed me over trying to squeeze past me, also at lights
  • All manner of brainless idiocy took place at the Elephant & Castle. Seriously, if you can’t work out how to use roundabouts, try to avoid them! You’re going to die!!
  • A man fetchingly attired in ow-my-retinas orange showcased some signalling prowess. However, he did so without looking behind him and also without actually then ever changing manoeuvring. Instead he rode down the road with one arm stretched out, like some sort of shit modern dance. Then a woman did exactly the same on London Bridge, completely oblivious to the screech of brakes from the bus behind her.

It’s like the fair weather cyclists with some semblance of brains packed up their bikes, leaving an army of fluro zombies behind.

In addition, a pedestrian called me a dickhead (?) and I got wolfwhistled all the way up the Walworth Road by a particularly sleazy white van driver.

As the final straw, when I arrive at work I find the bike shed still almost full. I hope it snows for the next six months and I can have nice clear roads to myself.

/misanthropic rant over/


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