The year ahead

So, I’ve looked back at my favourite moments of 2012. But what about 2013? And yes, I’m aware that I’m a bit late and that it’s already the 11th of January. I’ve been giving this some thought.

In no particular order, my 2013 resolutions are:

Go cycle touring!
Cycle touring is the new fixie skidding. Everyone wants to go touring these days! And why not, after all it gets boring having only British car drivers trying to kill you. Why not have some homicidal Frenchman drive at you instead – the weather might be nicer too. My plans so far are to go to the Netherlands (something I planned to do in November but had to cancel) in March-ish time, maybe France at some point, and I’m thinking about going to Belgrade later in the year. To even this out, I’m also going on a driving holiday in the summer. I’ll be nice to cyclists, promise.

Ride on the track!
I said this last year and didn’t do it, because it rained, and I was lazy, and I was drunk or hungover too often at weekends. But it’s a travesty that I have lived within 5 minutes of Herne Hill Velodrome for 7 years and still not ridden on the track.

Not fall off!
Nuff said really. I only fell off twice last year but one was painful to my body and the other was painful to my pride.

Clean my bikes more often!
My bikes are frankly disgusting. Last year I cleaned my road bike twice. And the bike I ride every day, through rain, sleet and snow? I cleaned the chain (and only the chain) once. Occasionally I throw some oil at it. I need to stop thinking of this as cleaning, the bike looks like Deepwater Horizon and I’m surprised there aren’t baby birds stuck to it.

And on that note, do some bike maintenance!
In November I noticed that my brake pads were pretty worn out and barely effective. So I waited until January to replace them. This is pointless dicing with death, brake pads are the easiest thing to sort out on a bike and are also super cheap. Likewise, I noticed my lockring wasn’t sufficiently tight and so used my house key to do it up. This kind of stuff is not acceptable in 2013.

Organise a ride!
In October I helped to organise the coffee ride (essentially, riding from coffee shop to coffee shop with a bunch of hipsters), and took my colleagues on a number of disastrous trips to meetings in other parts of town. This year I want to do better, and organise a proper ride somewhere awesome. Hopefully it won’t end up going the wrong way down a dual carriageway… this time…

Get better, get faster!
I want to go up hills faster and I definitely want to come down them faster. And maybe go faster on the flats too. Or just one of these. I’m not fussed.