Hooray for London Overground staff

Having procrastinated all day, I finally forced myself out for my Sunday run, managing to miss daylight by about an hour. I started feeling really funny running along Crystal Palace Parade, and rapidly felt worse, forcing a detour into Crystal Palace station, where the attendant took one look at my face and my desperate plea to use the loo and swiped me in to the station to use the loo on Platform 1 (brand new, actually pretty nice). I don’t know whether I ate something funny (given the vast array of bizarre things that I ate yesterday – kicking off with breakfast at IKEA and going on from there – I would say yes) but I emerged from the loo about a stone lighter and no longer sweating coldly. I carried on with the run, which was probably a mistake as by the time I got home I felt awful and was hallucinating a little bit and ended up spending a considerable portion of the night lying on the bathroom floor.

Anyway, what all this has taught me is that we should support tube strikes. Unattended stations = having to do a poo in the park.