Sunshine (s)miles

I had a pleasant but fairly unremarkable ride this weekend, 50 sunny miles in the Surrey lanes. One thing I noticed was that everyone was really friendly. Was it the sunshine? I’m sure people aren’t normally that friendly. At one point I was sitting against a signpost eating a snack and everyone who went past asked if I was okay. Either I eat with a really pained look on my face or they wanted some of my delicious homemade flapjacks.

I ran out of water and had to fill up my bottles at a tap marked “danger do not drink”. I was so thirsty I would have drunk out of a puddle by that point. I felt like our cat when I see him drinking rainwater out of flowerpots and the upturned lawnmower.

Appropriately for a solo ride, I went down Lonesome Lane. And I sang Elvis.



I am now the proud owner of the most ridiculous tanlines ever, after wiping the tops of my thighs with something (sunblock? grease? who knows) and giving myself a stripy badger look.


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