Things that grind my gears, part 1

Although I’d by no means call myself an expert in it, I know a small amount about bikes. But I am, controversially for some bike shops, a woman. And that means that interactions in bike shops can sometimes be rather infuriating.

Bike Shop Assistant: How can I help?
Me: I’m just after some SPD cleats.
BSA: (blank face)
Me: Shimano SPD mountain bike cleats.
BSA: I just need to check your bike.
Me: No you don’t. Do you sell those cleats?
BSA: You don’t have the right pedals on that bike! Those are road pedals, there are different types you know.
Me: Yes thank you, that there is a road bike and the cleats are for a different bike.
BSA: Are you sure you want mountain bike cleats? They look quite different.
Me: Yes. (stony glare)
BSA: I’ll get the cleats. (awkward silence and then he points at my cap, which says Laurent Cycles, Paris) I like your hat, where is it from?
Me: Laurent Cycles.
BSA: Where’s that?


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