Cyclocross laughs in roadie paradise

I woke up on Saturday feeling unwell. After moping for a while I took my (new! borrowed! exciting!) cyclocross bike to my LBS to get the brakes sorted. I felt like a wally asking them to do such a simple task but I’ve never had cantilevers before and didn’t have the energy to read up on them. The set up needed adjusting as well as brake pads replacing, and I was happy to find that the brakes actually worked when I went to pick it up.

The next morning, I headed to Richmond Park. I’d asked a couple of friends if they fancied riding on the off road trails but they weren’t free, so posted on LFGSS to see if anyone else was up for it. Yes, said someone called Julia. Brilliant, let’s meet.

Julia turned out to be lovely and was riding a beautiful turquoise Soma bike she’d just had built up (my poor cross bike looked very much the ugly stepsister). Her bike wasn’t suitable for trails so we did some laps on the road (Julia and her bike got a lot of admiring looks) before heading to the café.

We sat in the sunshine, admiring bikes and laughing at MAMILS. We made a new friend, Nick, who chased one MAMIL round the car park to get a photo of him. I couldn’t stop laughing.

After a very protracted stop, I set off on my own to do some offroading. I’d had a look on the Richmond Park website, which suggested the Tamsin Trail, but this looked a bit… lame. I figured I’d ride on some bridleways in the middle of the park instead.

I tanked it on some sand, but otherwise had a blast riding through ferns, across grass and over drainage channels. I shouted “FENTOOOOON!” at a dog owner who was oblivious to their dog chasing a deer. I noticed that I was grinning a lot, and when I got to a road I pointed my bike away, back on to the grass and set off again on another grassy adventure.

I probably would have stayed all day if I hadn’t been so hungry, but the raisins and skittles I’d had for breakfast were starting to feel like too little fuel and I had to go home. I got home with a sunburnt nose and a grin on my face, loving the new bike and keen to go and ride over more things!


3 thoughts on “Cyclocross laughs in roadie paradise

  1. Laughing at MAMILS, I love doing that too… I must becareful as I am slowly approaching MAMILhood….. Gulp…

  2. PS when I get a chance, I will fish out a round route for you Fulham – Wimbledon Common, RP, river path back to Putney.

  3. PSS, trust me adjusting cantilever is harder than painting the Sistine Chapel.. I switched mine to v brakes with much more power but less mud clearance.

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