Having my cake, eating it, eating other people’s cake too…

Since Wimbledon I’ve been giving my running some serious thought. I’ve been running regularly for a year now and am yet to make any significant progress. Partly this is because I have very little natural talent for running, but partly it’s because I haven’t been training properly. I’ve been running, sure, but I haven’t really “trained”.

To some extent this was a conscious decision when I took up running. I didn’t want to commit to running 5 days a week and exhausting myself at something completely unproven, and I didn’t want to miss out on other elements of my life.

A year on, I know I can run at least 3 times per week – which means I could do 4, with a bit of inspiration. I know I can’t (don’t want to) do more than that. It’s time for a training plan.

I’m doing a half marathon in February 2015. There are 16 and a half weeks until then. I know I can cover a half marathon distance… now to think about speed.

But, importantly for me, it’s not time to stop doing other things that I enjoy. I’m dancing regularly again, after a break over the summer (and I’m loving it – a lot of the technical things I learnt have fallen into place and I’m dancing really well). I played hockey for the first time in 15 years last week (it turns out that I’m fearless but unable to identify who’s on my team and who’s not, so I pass to and tackle the wrong people). I’m swimming a couple of times a week and making improvements (but also sometimes just swimming for the sake of floating about). I’m seeing friends and family. I’m baking, writing, watching box sets…

Can I do this? Hit the goals I’d like to achieve without sacrificing my life? We’ll see.


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