Six weeks ago, I was cycling to work at breakneck speed, running slightly late as ever. My commute is about ten minutes by bike, which I know makes me extraordinarily lucky, but it also makes me extraordinarily lazy as I leave the house at exactly 08:50 every morning.

I pulled up at a junction, applied the brake, and… nothing… The brake cable had snapped! Serves me right for neglecting the bike and never checking my cables. I skidded to a stop and checked to see if the cable was in any way salvageable. It didn’t appear to be, so I locked the bike up and walked the rest of the way to the office.

Fast forward six weeks and I still hadn’t mended it, despite buying a new cable and having all the necessary tools. This morning I went to ride my road bike but had a flat tyre, and as I didn’t have time to walk, had to dash inside and grab the brake cable, allen keys and wire cutter and get the bike sorted ASAP.

And you know what, it took exactly three minutes to do the whole thing. WHY DID I NOT DO THIS SOONER?!

And is this perhaps a moral for my life?


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