January Runstreak

1st – 5km. Southwark Parkrun, feeling the effects of a cold.

2nd – 1.9km. My parents house to the other end of the village and back.

3rd – 1.8km. We had a 2nd xmas as we’d missed xmas thanks to Dad being in hospital. What with terrible weather, xmas food and a trip to hospital to see Dad I only managed a quick jaunt at the end of the day.

4th – 8.8km. A muddy run through the woods behind the golf course and across a field. Twisted my ankle in exactly the same place as when I ran this route last year.

5th – 1.7km. I had to pack for a few days away and only had time for a mile, but enjoyed wearing shorts and tshirt in the bracing cold. I didn’t take a picture so here’s one from the hospital later on.
6th – 2.1km. First day at work! I went for a run around the block after dinner, mmm pasta belly. No pictures but here’s a black cat in the dark I saw earlier on.

7th – 2.1km. Another jaunt around the block, followed by some chocolate brussel sprouts.
8th – 1.7km. Left it really late as I had to go to the hospital after work to see Dad, but eventually went out 11pm. Frost on the ground and my feet hurt from the cold.

9th – 6.7km. A loop from the hospital, making the most of streetlights in the city. Here’s another hospital sunset.
10th – 3km. Moved house and really didn’t want to go for a run after all that but gotta get these things done.
11th – 4.7km. Ran home from work.
12th – 1.7km. I worked out a loop but it turned out to be slightly less than a mile so I had to run past my house, which was rubbish. Sporting some insect bites, which are insanely itchy.
13th – 1.7km. Planned another mile loop, which was also slightly too short. It was rainy and I was wearing the tights I’d had on all day, which have bows on them. Classy.
14th – 5km. Ran home from work, feeling pretty wheezy.

15th – 5.4km. I ran to work and as a Friday treat went to Waitrose to get a free coffee. I burnt my tongue on the coffee on the way back to the office and then when I was getting changed at the office I spilled the coffee all over the cubicle. All over the walls, the floor… It smelled of coffee all day. Sorry, work. 20160115_085924.jpg
16th – 6km. Brockwell parkrun. The start was insanely busy and the path is only narrow, so the first 400m is basically at walking speed. Then it gets hilly. Yay!

17th – 3.3km. The south circular! I really know how to treat myself! Went to Ikea earlier in the day. img_20160117_141101.jpg
18th – 4km. Ran around the perimeter of the park and up a road that I used to really fear as being “too steep” but is actually fine. And I just spent 8 months living in the flatlands!!20160118_201045.jpg
19th – 6.1km. Had a bit of a bad day at work so added a loop along the river to my commute home. This helped a lot. Running is so good for my brain. 20160122_191355.jpg
20th – 7.5km. Ran home from my work away day. A day filled with snacks. My insides protested and I spent 20 mins in the loos at McDonald’s.

21st – 2.1km. Around the block, at night. The neighbours must think I’m a weirdo.

22nd – 1.9km. I went to meet a friend at the tube station and ran there. Luckily we have been friends for years so she is used to me doing antisocial things.
23rd – 7.2km. Brockwell parkrun again. Those hills are not my friend. Jogged home slowly afterwards. This mug says “I love Herne Hill”, which is how I feel right now.20160123_120914.jpg
24th – 5.1km. It was still light but not quite light enough for the park, so I did a loop that involved crossing four A roads. Got shouted at about religion by one man and another man high fived me. This is a parakeet that I saw earlier in the day. 20160124_145535.png
25th – 4.5km. I stayed really late at work so by the time I got home I didn’t have much time as I had other things to do. But this run felt great and I was glad I made the effort. Got cut up by a British Cycling driver.

26th – 2.1km. I set the alarm for early but snoozed it, resulting in a can’t-be-bothered late night run. Didn’t take a photo and can’t think of anything to say about this run so there’s no photo at all.
27th – 5.2km. Ran home from work. My calves felt really tight and I had a pain in/near my groin so when I got home I whipped the old foam roller out and treated myself to a spot of agony.img_20160127_201933.jpg
28th – 1.7km. Had a curry for dinner and then some biscuits, and was feeling all warm and cosy until I remembered I hadn’t run yet. Luckily there was no sign of the curry on the run.

29th – 5.1km. Ran to work. Not that cold but very windy and a bit rainy. Turns out the work showers are pretty good and no one noticed me sneaking through the office in running gear to get my towel.20160129_133933.jpg
30th – 1.8km. The latest I’ve left it – nearly half 11! Just a trip around the block listening to a podcast about the Honey War. Wearing normal clothes + trainers.20160201_090129.png
31st – 13.6km. I think I have a trapped nerve in my shoulder/upper back as it’s super painful when I run. I don’t know any stretches that can reach it. Might go and get a massage and stop being so tense allthefuckingtime. Still, 31 days means January runstreak is done!20160131_140736.jpg

Total for the month – 130.5km. Not a huge amount but what with moving house, new job, sick parent and a cold at the start of the month, it could have been worse.

The question is, do I continue with the runstreak or not? Knowing that I have to run every day means I can’t make excuses not to, which is good – I’ve never regretted a run, even when it’s been late and I haven’t felt like it. It’s been great for getting to know my new neighbourhood, too! But on the other hand, there were a lot of days when I just did a mile around the block and this doesn’t really do anything other than create a lot more laundry. I’m not sure what a happy medium would be. Also, my shoulder/neck/upper back is quite sore so it might be good to give it a break for a few days. I just don’t know – I read about people doing streaks months or years long and I think it would be nice to do something I could be a bit proud of (it would be novel, at least, as I’m rarely proud of myself) but then I wonder whether setting myself a goal is dangerous as if/when I break the streak I’ll be really hard on myself.

Whether I decide to continue or not, I’m glad that I did this month as it’s made me enjoy running a bit more than I normally would. Yay, running!


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