Marathon training – week 1

Week one makes it seem like it’s the beginning of training, but given that there are only 13 weeks of training I need to try to shake this mentality.

Monday – I created an amazing multi-coloured training schedule. A work of art. Potentially a work of fiction, too.

Tuesday – spent some time googling “causes of chest pain” and was told by Dr Google that I might already be dead (spoiler alert – I wasn’t having a heart attack, just very annoying muscle pain in the top of my back/upper chest). Didn’t do any running but did do two hours of swing dancing, where the teacher said one of my moves was “beautiful” (BOASTPOST!).

Wednesday – went to Canary Wharf to dress up as a toilet for a few hours and was quite excited about getting the ferry over to Rotherhithe to run home. In the end I took the tube to the other side of the river as I was freezing (toilet costumes aren’t that warm). My phone stopped working halfway home which meant no more podcasts. Still, 8.7km done.

Thursday – woke up hungry as I didn’t have any dinner, so ate a banana and then jogged to work. Uneventful 4.6km but I had a podcast to listen to (I’m still obsessed with Serial, so was listening to Part 4 of Undisclosed PCR hearing coverage – this will mean nothing to anyone not following the case. A few questions about Undisclosed – does Rabia always have a cold? Is Susan following an entirely different case? Does Colin talk about anything other than Fry and Brady violations?). After work, I put on my sweaty clothes from the morning but my right calf was really sore so I sacked it off after 2km and got the bus home to do some foam rolling.

Friday – my calf was a lot less sore but I thought it would be best to rest, meaning my five day old training plan was worthless.

Saturday – we had friends staying so I didn’t do parkrun. Or, indeed, any other running. It was cold and wet and I spent a lot of time eating/drinking/being merry.

Sunday – despite eating an Ethiopian curry for lunch, I set out in the evening for a long run. I’d been told on saturday night that my marathon is “really hard” and “really hilly” so I headed up to the top of Crystal Palace to get a bit of hill practice in. It wasn’t too bad but I was cold the whole flipping time and the top of Fountain Drive wiped me out. 13km.

Total: 28.3km
Total in training plan: 52km


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