Marathon training – week 2

Monday – woke up half an hour later than planned so ran directly to work instead of the long way round. I wore my new orange camo ski socks and they kept slipping down, which was very annoying, but halfway to work I remembered that I had bagels in the office and this distracted me. 5.2km and then a bagel with almond butter… maybe Mondays aren’t so bad.

Tuesday – cycled to work, got new shoes on the way home.

Wednesday – cycled in and then ran home in the pissing rain, along the Embankment and over Chelsea Bridge for 7.8km. When I got in my clothes were absolutely soaked and everything had to go straight in the washing machine.

Thursday – thanks to a drunk boyfriend stampeding about the flat at 1am (including toppling over and landing on my sleeping feet) as well as the various germs going round the office, I woke up feeling kind of crap. Luckily I had some good tunes on my ipod and for once, all the lights were in my favour, although there were no more bagels waiting for me at work. 5.2km

Friday – left for the airport at 7.30am and spent the day travelling to Istanbul, travelling across Istanbul and having a big nap on arrival at our Airbnb as neither of us felt very well.

Saturday – woke up feeling pretty awful, a heck of a cold and blocked ears. We spent the day wandering about Istanbul – the Blue Mosque was my favourite place, as it’s so tranquil and beautiful.

Sunday – my cold got even worse but I went for a run along the Bosphorus. It wasn’t particularly scenic but there were at least two or three other runners out (all foreign women) which made me feel less worried that I might be doing a really silly thing, running alone in Istanbul. I ran to the Bosphorus bridge and back (11km) and only tripped over one paving stone, landing against a shop window. Running in Istanbul is slightly better than running in Athens as at least there are wide pavements here, as long as you keep an eye open for unexpected massive holes. Later we took the boat to Asia, then later ate in the best restaurant ever.

Total: 29.2km

Total in training plan: 45km


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