Marathon training – week 3

Monday – I woke up with no voice so decided not to run. A visit to a local hammam and its menthol steam room definitely helped, but I was still croaky and spluttery and unable to breathe. We were meant to fly home that evening but missed our flight thanks to crazy Istanbul traffic and stayed in a hotel by the airport for an early morning flight the next day – I thought about using the gym for a treadmill run but when I saw the gym was closed on Mondays I thought it must be a sign and ate crisps in bed instead…

Tuesday – the alarm went off at 2am UK time, and after a four hour flight, I went to work. I didn’t manage to get a run in, but then I didn’t fall asleep at work so I’m counting the day as a success.

Wednesday – I needed to go to Oxford Street after work, but I also needed to run, so I combined the two. Town was really busy, and around Victoria is a nightmare, but I enjoyed running through Hyde Park. 5.5km to the door of John Lewis.

Thursday – I felt really sluggish but took a slightly longer route to work (6.2km). My phone is playing up so I didn’t have anything to listen to other than the jangling of keys in my pocket. Oscillating wildly between being excited about the race on Sunday and feeling really nervous.

Friday – didn’t run.

Saturday – got the train to Cambridge and met friends (and their dogs!) for lunch. Later I met up with my mum, and Matt and I took her for dinner at a pub in Trumpington. I had pumpkin and ameretti ravioli, plus a treacle tart for dessert. Later I lay on the bed with stomach pains.

Sunday – ran the Cambridge Half Marathon. Full race report to follow.

Total: 32.8km

Total in training plan: 41.1km


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