Week 5 – marathon training

Monday – I wore my new shoes again for a double commute (to and from work). There’s nothing worse than putting on sweaty clothes to run home and I dragged my heels leaving the office at the end of the day. 9.3km.

Tuesday – no running, went to the theatre to see Caitlin Moran for International Women’s Day.

Wednesday – went along to a local club for a training session, and was shown a map of routes and asked which I’d like to do. I pointed to the shortest (6km) as I didn’t want to do a long run with people I don’t know and the awkwardness it could entail. Someone was assigned to me and she said “oh for fuck’s sake, this is my worst nightmare” and during the run proceeded to tell me how they all hate having beginners come along as they have to take it in turns to run with them. She was a bit snooty about how many London Marathon’s she’d run, and although she did apologise for being rude at the end, I didn’t feel super welcome. We ended up doing another mini-loop of the run to make a total of 7.7km but I don’t think I’ll go back (edit: emailed the club to explain and they apologised, which was nice – but I still don’t think it’s for me).

Thursday – no running.

Friday – no running

Saturday – woke up in time for parkrun but went back to bed instead and didn’t run at all.

Sunday – did the Wimbledon Common Half Marathon.
Total: 38.1km

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