Marathon training – week 6

Monday – thought about trying out the recovery run thing again but settled for cycling and then half an hour of yoga.

Tuesday – spent some time with the foam roller before running to work (5.1km). My big toe is bruised and my legs felt pretty tired from Sunday.

Wednesday – thought about running in the evening but didn’t.

Thursday – planned to run home from an all-day meeting over in Hackney but had laptop and papers with me so decided not to as my back is already really sore.

Friday – ran home from Peckham Rye, via Canonbie Road. Canonbie is the silliest, steepest road I know. At first it’s about 7% – then it turns a corner and it’s something stupid like 14%. Not a chance. The other side is even steeper, around 20%. It’s like a wall. Afterwards I went through Dulwich Park (where I stopped to use the loo) and Brockwell Park at dusk. It’s so nice when it’s light enough to go through the parks (they’re locked after dark). 9.2km.

Saturday – I planned to do Parkrun with a friend but it got cancelled and I was too lazy to go on my own so had a lie in instead. Later on I went for a little jaunt to double check on my shoes. It was just dark enough that I felt anxious about the crappy condition of the pavements, but eventually I got into it and ran up one of the “hills” near me, and it was way easier than I thought it would be. Needed a wee so had to cut it short. 3.7km.

Sunday – a friend of a friend had to drop out of the Hampton Palace Half Marathon and I was asked if I wanted the place. Sure, I said. Three half marathons in four weeks, why not. I woke up with hip pain and it didn’t get any better during the race. 21.1km.

Total: 39.1km


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