Marathon training – week 11 (the week everything went wrong!)

Monday: I didn’t even get dressed, let alone leave the house.

Tuesday: after work I went home and got changed into my running clothes… then got changed out of them as I just couldn’t face running.

Wednesday: my birthday and I ran to work. I wasn’t expecting to feel very good and when my garmin beeped to say I’d done the first km in 4 mins 50 I assumed it wasn’t working properly. I slowed down a bit towards the end as people kept getting in the way (seriously, don’t walk directly AT someone running towards you) and a few drivers were trying crazy moves. It was nice to run a bit faster for once (the run ended up being 5:17/km average). 5km.

Thursday: after a long day at work, I set off for home. I wasn’t in the mood but once I got going it was okay. On Clapham Road I took a bit of a tumble but stayed upright, I think I must have scuffed my toe and tripped. Then a few minutes later, I tripped on a paving slab and went over on my ankle, again amazingly staying upright. I heard my ankle pop and had to stop immediately. A man ran over and said that he’d seen me tumble and that it looked nasty, and did I think it was broken?! I thanked him and as I was pretty sure it wasn’t broken I decided that as it was only 2km to get home, and getting the bus would mean a walk anyway, I would run home (maybe a bit silly). I rested when I got in and covered my ankle in ibuprofen gel, but it swelled up and bruised anyway. 5.2km.

Friday: very swollen,  and sore ankle, hurts to walk, oh dear. Kept it elevated all day at work and took ibuprofen regularly. 16 days until the marathon, though. This does not look good.

Saturday: I taped my ankle overnight and it definitely helped (although I pulled part of it off in the night). During the day I walked a bit and tried to stretch my ankle as much as possible. Still swollen but easier to walk now.

Sunday: London Marathon day! I love going to cheer, so we cycled over to Bermondsey, where my work had a cheering point. It was fun although using clipless pedals is a bit painful (twisting my ankle to get my foot out really hurts). My ankle is still taped. I can’t stand on tiptoe (as I discovered watching the marathon!) but I can walk no problem. I really, really want to go for a run but I know I shouldn’t.

Total: 10.2km – DISASTROUS WEEK. 2 weeks until the marathon and I was sick and then broke myself. Next week will be better, right?

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