Autumn running

So, my aims for October were as follows:

  • Speed work
  • Runs that aren’t commutes
  • Get a handle on these stomach issues

I didn’t do any speed work, I didn’t do much running that wasn’t a commute and I didn’t get a great handle on my bad stomach. But I did go to India!

My first run of November was in India, but I didn’t run for another week after that as I was jetlagged and my stomach was wreaking havoc for a while. Since then I’ve been running 3 times a week, which isn’t great.

Matt and I went to up north for the Kendal Mountain Festival. One of the events taking place was a 10k trail race, which we decided to enter. The course started in the town centre, then headed up onto Scout Scar, along the escarpment and then down through the golf course and back into town, down cobbled steps.

The forecast was rainy but we woke up to a clear and cold morning. It was chilly on the start line, and we had to be there an hour in advance. I was interviewed by some people from Blacks, but didn’t do a great job of keeping warm as when we eventually set off I could barely feel my toes. I’d bought new trail shoes and as my last ones were a tiny bit too small, I’d played it safe and gone large. A little too large really.

We set off up Beast Banks, which I’d been apprehensive about. I got separated from Matt but we all made our way up the hill, on the road. After about 2km we turned right onto a muddy trail, which is when I started to enjoy it less. I am nervous about running on slippery mud so was extremely tentative, especially on anything resembling a down hill and with totally numb toes. The first half of the race was predominantly uphill but there were enough downhill bits for me to feel cautious and I got overtaken on every descent.

The top of Scout Scar was absolutely stunning, mist in the valley and snow on the peaks in the distance. Lots of people were out walking with their dogs. As we headed back towards the town, we went through the golf course, which was insanely muddy and I stupidly tried to hold a thorn to stop myself sliding in the mud. 

Finally back on tarmac, I tried to make up for all the lost time but was thwarted by the cobbled steps, which I walked down rather than risking running down them. I chatted to a girl who I’d passed earlier as she’d stopped to take her shoes off and run most of the race in her socks. Then we were back at the level of the town and there was a sharp right turn onto the high street and a sprint to the finish line.

Afterwards we goofed around taking pictures before getting a lift back to the house. I was really hungry at the end but didn’t fancy eating my kendal mint cake (given in lieu of a medal), so by the time we finally ate at around 3pm I was really peckish, having had no breakfast!

I intended to do parkrun the following weekends but didn’t make either of them.

And now on to December…

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