2016 in review

2016 got off to a decent start. I did parkrun on the 1st Jan and then ran every day in January, including two more parkruns. I signed up for a marathon in May.

In February I ran in Istanbul, did the Cambridge Half Marathon, both with a cold, resulting in a disappointing time in Cambridge.

March was full of races! Parkruns, Frank Harmer 10k, Wimbledon Common Half Marathon and Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon.

By April, marathon training was well underway. I ran the Lidl Breakfast Run and did long runs at the weekend, including one where I got so cold I had to heat up in the bath and was sick for 24 hours afterwards. On 21st April I tripped while running home from work and sprained my ankle. Limited running after this.

I started May with a sprained ankle. It hurt to run but I tried to do the Halstead Marathon anyway and had to quit at 18km. I did parkrun a week later, which was no better. My ankle got a bit better but then I sprained it again.

In June I inched my way back into running.

In July I did the Richmond Park Half Marathon and the Ashridge Trail Half Marathon, both very very slowly. I also went to Scotland and ran on some islands.

I started August with a mini runstreak, and Matt did his first parkrun. I did my second middle distance triathlon.

September saw a return to parkrun and a 10k in Battersea Park. I spent a lot of time working.

My work-life balance continued to be dreadful in October, limiting my running. And then I went to India for two weeks.

November saw a bad stomach, a trip to the Kendal Mountain Festival for a trail race there and a few half hearted commutes.

December had a few commutes and a 10k in Regent’s Park. I was so tired the whole time, and then I got sick with the worst flu I’ve had in years, so I couldn’t even run over Christmas at my parents’ house.

Total for the year: 1,203 km (2015 – 1,036, 2014 – 1,099)

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