Royal Parks Winter 10k Series: Greenwich

I’ve entered a series of 10k races this winter, the first of which took place on Sunday.

All the other runners were either wearing the free tshirts we were given at registration (what did they arrive wearing?) or were wearing FULL WINTER KIT. Long sleeves, tights, jackets, woolly hats, gloves, buffs, long socks. It’s not winter, guys! Save that stuff for when it’s actually cold! Me, I wore shorts and tshirt, although I broke the Hardness Committee rules by wearing socks.

I didn’t exactly cover myself in glory at this race, but I hadn’t really trained and at least the contents of my stomach decided to stay on the inside for once.

Here is some race analysis (a picture says a thousand words, but a MS Paint monstrosity says, well, this):


The next race is in a month and hopefully I’ll look less silly in the race photos.

Marathon training – Greenwich 10k

Yesterday I did my second ever 10k race. You know that meme of the dog on a computer with the caption ‘I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING’ – that was basically me. I was worried about being late for the race so tried to leave my house 2 hours early, put my race number on sideways on, couldn’t put my timer chip on my shoe properly, etc etc. That was before it even started. When the gun went off I set off at what I thought was my normal pace but it turns out was about two minutes a mile faster than normal (excuses: my watch has broken and I am an idiot and I figured I’d just follow the people in front). So the first 5k was alright, except that I’d forgotten that Greenwich Park is super hilly, and I got dropped by the people I was following and then I got dropped by the people behind them, and I ended up walking up some of the hills and grimacing quite a lot as my expensive socks (that I claimed the other day to have revolutionised my running by preventing blisters) gave me blisters at 7km.

In the end I did it in 1.01.15 which is a personal best (only because it was my second 10k and the first not in fancy dress) but it’s still a bit crap and I feel mildly disappointed with myself.

Erm, yeah, also I wouldn’t advise eating an entire malt loaf at 2am the night before.