Royal Parks Winter 10k Series: Greenwich

I’ve entered a series of 10k races this winter, the first of which took place on Sunday.

All the other runners were either wearing the free tshirts we were given at registration (what did they arrive wearing?) or were wearing FULL WINTER KIT. Long sleeves, tights, jackets, woolly hats, gloves, buffs, long socks. It’s not winter, guys! Save that stuff for when it’s actually cold! Me, I wore shorts and tshirt, although I broke the Hardness Committee rules by wearing socks.

I didn’t exactly cover myself in glory at this race, but I hadn’t really trained and at least the contents of my stomach decided to stay on the inside for once.

Here is some race analysis (a picture says a thousand words, but a MS Paint monstrosity says, well, this):


The next race is in a month and hopefully I’ll look less silly in the race photos.